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Welcome to Alexandra Osellame Nutrition

BHSc (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)

Alexandra Osellame is a clinical nutritionist with experience working in busy multi-modality clinics, integrative medical clinics, and private rehabilitation facilities around Melbourne.​


Alexandra graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health with a degree in Health Science, majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. She is also completing her Master of Human Nutrition at Deakin University to further her education and become a university lecturer.


Alexandra has a special interest in treating mental health conditions, drug and alcohol addiction, female reproductive conditions, skin concerns, and supporting gastrointestinal health. 


Alexandra understands that every client is unique and requires an individualised approach. She uses ‘food as medicine’ as a foundational component of every treatment plan and enhances this with her expertise in nutritional compounding. Nutritional compounding allows Alexandra to calculate and create tailor-made nutritional supplements to specifically address the individual needs of each client.  


Alexandra is passionate about helping others and enjoys building strong relationships with her clients to ensure each treatment plan is optimised for their lifestyle. Alexandra offers her clients education, skills, lifestyle recommendations, dietary changes, and custom designed supplements to help achieve their short and long-term goals.


Outside of consulting, you’ll find Alexandra eating at many cafes around Melbourne, spending time with her friends, family, and her young niece and nephew. Alexandra is also a sports fanatic and a long-suffering Carlton supporter.

Nutritional Compoundng


What is Nutritional Compounding?

Nutritional Compounding involves mixing together tailored dosages of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, pre- and probiotics, enzymes, and functional foods.


This creates a custom powdered supplement prescription that is unique to each client’s specific needs and conditions. 

This specialised approach allows Alexandra to create one simple, cost-effective, compound in place of multiple individual supplements. 

Our servies

Our Services


Discovery Call

Please select this option in the booking area if you would like to know more about clinical nutrition and compounding and if it is suitable for you.


Please note that this option does not include health advice relating to your concerns. It is only intended for determining if clinical nutrition and nutritional compounding will be suitable to address your concerns.


15 minute complimentary discovery calls are conducted via phone only.


Initial Consultation

Please select this option in the booking area if you have never had a consultation with Alexandra and are a new client.


An initial consultation will allow Alexandra to understand your health concerns and your health goals. During this time Alexandra will take a detailed history of your current and past health conditions, explore your family history, review your current supplements and medications, and ask questions about your diet and lifestyle to help determine the cause and contributing factors of your health concerns.


You also will receive an individualised treatment plan tailored to you via email. Please note that further pathology testing and prescriptions may be recommended and are at additional costs. 


Initial consultations are 60 minutes long and are conducted via zoom.


Return Consultation

Please select this option in the booking area if you have already had an initial consultation with Alexandra and are an existing client.


Please select the initial consultation option if it has been longer than 12 months since your last consultation.


A return consultation is for continual health care and will allow Alexandra to follow up any changes from your initial consultation and make changes to existing prescriptions and treatment plans. Please note that further pathology testing and prescriptions may be recommended and are at additional costs.


Return consultations can be 30 to 60 minutes depending on your health needs and are conducted via zoom.


Nutritional compound prescriptions

Please select this option in the booking area if you are a current client and in need of new compound prescription or a repeat script.

This booking entails a 10-minute phone call to assess if you need a repeat nutritional compound or a formulation change to your compound. 


In this 10-minute call, cost of compound, duration, and potential formulation changes will be discussed.


Please note that compound script fees are at an additional cost to this 10-minute phone consultation.

If you require a consultation to discuss other health matters, other than your compound, please book in for a 30-minute return consultation. 

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